Walt Disney Museum and Sutro Baths

Last wednesday, Malisa, Jess and I spent the day in San Fransisco. We left Sacramento bright and early (8:30) and headed west. Whenever we are in the Bay Area we always stop at Cafe Yesterday in Berkeley to get some much needed coffee and breakfast. From the cafe we drove to the Presidio to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum. This museum has been on our list for at least a year so we were quite excited to visit.

We didn't really understand how great the weather was until we got out of the car at the museum, blue skies and fluffy white clouds was a great deal better than the typical bay area fog. Although I love the fog and cold weather, the view of the Golden Gate Bridge was amazing. 

The museum was all about Walt growing up, his early sketches, starting in the animation business and eventually building Disneyland and Disneyworld. We LOVE Disney movies and Disneyland so we were like little children reading all of the history behind how it all started. 

Something that stood out to me was the pencil-drawn sketch of the street and store-front of Tony's Restaurant from Lady and the Tramp. The drawing had the most incredible detail and depth. From the 1909 era cars and street lamps to the lighting/shadows from inside the restaurant, wow. I have seen the greatest animated movies from Pixar but this one sketch drawn with a lead pencil and piece of paper was the most impressive. Unfortunatly they didn't allow any photos to be taken inside the museum or else you'd actually see the drawing instead of me talking about it. 

From the museum we walked around the Presidio a bit and went to grab a snack and coffee. We couldn't figure out what else to do so we started driving around. We went to Baker Beach, the Golden Gate lookout area and some other places. When we drove past the Cliff House restaurant, Jesse told me to pull into a parking lot. I had no idea what we were doing but when we got out of the car, there was the most incredible view. 

I'm not sure how Jesse found it but we were visiting the ruins of the Sutro Baths. They were built in 1896 and were destroyed in a fire in 1966. The foundations of a couple walls were still there which allowed us to walk between the flooded ruins and the ocean. We stopped to watch the sunset and realized that once the sun was down, it would be completely dark outside, so we hurried back up the hill. Click here to see a panoramic iPhone shot of the ruins. 

This is what the baths used to look like, scroll down to see what they look like today. Image obtained from this article

From the ruins we met Chad for dinner at Burma Superstar, another must-do in the bay area then we headed home. It was truly a great day. 

Enough talk, here are the photos. Enjoy!