Modern Day Knitting Circle

Women used to get together to knit, quilt, or bake. In our modern society that doesn't happen very often. A few months ago, the ladies in my family got together for dinner at a local restaurant. We had a wonderful time. And I got to thinking. We needed to gather more often.

You see, when we were all sitting at the table that night, we were talking about anything and everything. My little cousins asked questions that the grandmothers answered. The aunts got to talk about their field trips and adventures.

Charity & Aunt Candi

We weren't running around making sure everything was perfect for the "holiday" we were celebrating. We weren't in the kitchen doing dishes. We were actually talking.

Beth, Maggie, Aunt Sheri, Grandma Barb

I had an idea. A wonderful, awful (wait, this isn't the Grinch Who Stole Christmas). Let's get together as ladies on a frequent basis. Someone would host and all the ladies would come to their house.

Grandma Coryell

We would have a simple meal and guess what our agenda was? Nothing. We gathered to talk and have fun. Sorry husbands and brothers and grandpas, this is a ladies only event. 

Heidi & Mom (Lisa)

For the first gathering, I hosted it. We had a slow-cooker full of Tonya's Potato Soup, all the fixings, salad, drinks, & a delicious Texas Sheet Cake.

Heather & Grandma Roome

Grandma Barb, Maggie, Rachel, CharityMe & Aunt BeckyHannah & Heidi

Mom & Aunt Candi

Me, Beth, Brittany (Oldests of the 3rd Generation)We even got out my American Girl Doll, Felicity (that's another post)! I thought it was a wonderful evening and I'm excited about our next one!