Five Minute Friday: Tender

I've seen the Gypsy Mama's idea for Five Minute Friday before and thought today would be a fun day to try it. Basically, you write for 5 minutes without editing or changing what you've written. She suggests the word to write and people share their words on her link-party. Today's word is Tender. 

Tender, when I think of this word I think of chicken first. Because chicken tenders are my favorite way to cook the chicken for dinner. 

I also think of a quality that sometimes I don't think I really have. Or is it that it is underneath the surface? Being tender is something I am always wanting to do, but question whether or not I can actually be that way. Have you ever thought about this word?

Trying to be tender towards myself invokes feelings of supporting my ideas and not attacking myself with my incessant criticism. Trying to be tender to others makes me think giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Or caring enough to let their struggles influence me. It also means allowing others to see the soft side of me. Cause that's something I think I hide really well. 

It could be that I don't hide it that well, which is why I actually have friends. People like other people to be tender towards them. Truthfully, I think if I was more tender towards myself, I'd be able to show this word to others much more easily.