3 Adjectives and 3 Verbs

Last week, Nicole wrote a post on her blog and asked her readers to share 3 Verbs and 3 Adjectives that best described them. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to share mine with all of you.

3 Adjectives

  • Intense ~ I approach life and relationships in an intense way. I think and act with a passion that can almost be too much.
  • Inquisitive ~ It can seem that I'm giving someone the 5th degree, but I'm just trying to understand and learn more. 
  • Caring ~ Although this adjective can be hidden underneath other descriptions, it's a big factor in the way I interact with others. It underlies who I am, but can be harder to see for those who don't know me that well.

3 Verbs

  • Create ~ I love creating things, but I want them to be perfect so it makes the creative process incredibly challenging.
  • Organize ~ The bane of my existence. If something isn't organized, I have a hard time being involved. At the same time, give me a few minutes and I'll figure out how to get (fill-in-the-blank) orderly for you! If you like spontaneity...I'm usually not the one for the job.
  • Worry ~ I spend an incredible amount of time thinking about the future and worrying that I can think of the perfect outcome to ensure everything works out. I'm finding out that's not how life works though!

What 3 adjectives and 3 verbs best describe you?