Keurig Coffee Maker

When we stayed with my cousins Rick & Colleen back in November, I fell in love. With what, you ask? Oh, just the coolest coffee maker this side of the Mississippi: the Keurig. Ever since I used those cute, little K cups, I have been wanting one.

The hubster enjoys buying me things I like, so I told him I wanted one for Christmas.

When I saw this present wrapped for me in Peanuts wrapping paper, I was hoping it was the Precious.

Rachel, the Elf err...cousin, did a beautiful job wrapping such a big box. She needed extra Christmas money and Anthony doesn't necessarily love wrapping presents so it was a win-win! Don't worry she wasn't wrapping my gifts while I took this picture. I do like being surprised. 

One of our friends gave us a free stay at a nice hotel on Christmas Eve and we took our presents with us. On Christmas morning, I opened the box and sure enough, it was a Keurig!

The hotel was in gorgeous Lake Tahoe and some nice people took this picture of Anthony and me.

I love my (our) new coffee maker and it definitely works for me.

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