Charles Schulz Museum

In the middle of December, Malisa and I visited the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. If you aren't familiar with the name of Charles Schulz, do you know about Charlie Brown or Snoopy? Yes? Then you know Charles Schulz. He was the creator of the Peanuts cartoons and drew for nearly 50 years until he died on February 12, 2000. 

The museum had a number of cartoon strips printed, the furniture from Charles' home studio and a wall Charles drew on that was in daughter's bedroom. The wall had been painted over multiple times since the house was sold and a lady used paint thinner to restore his old artwork. She then donated the entire wall to the museum. It was pretty incredible.

They also had a small theatre where we watched the interview Charles did with Charlie Rose a few years before he died. Across the street from the museum was Snoopy's Home Ice, an ice skating rink, and the gift shop. We had a great time walking around and learning the history of this man and his life's work. 

Here are few pictures, enjoy!