Laundry for Two

There are lots of bloggers that share their amazing methods on getting laundry done for their families. One of the best ones I have read is Mama's Laundry Talk. However, I haven't seen any posts on how a couple (without kids) does their laundry, so here's how Anthony and I do ours.

Warning: I am letting you see our closet in its raw, natural state for this post. In other words, I didn't clean it before I took the pictures. 

We have two hampers in our closet that don't match, which drives me crazy, but not enough to buy new ones. Anyhow, the one on the right is for dark clothes and jeans; the one on the left is for all light colored clothes and panties (sorry for any of my male readers). 

About once a week, the clothes are washed. I wash all clothes (towels, sheets, etc) with white vinegar and unscented laundry soap. I use half of the recommended amount of soap and it works great.

We normally have one load of light clothes that are washed on cold, permanent press cycle. I dry them on permanent press with low to medium heat, which often needs two times of the drying cycle, but it seems to prevent shrinkage.

For the darks, I wash all of our shirts and nicer items together also on cold, permanent press. If anything says dry-clean, I hang them up to dry. I also dry the dark clothes on permanent press with low to medium heat. Jeans are washed inside out and are hung up to dry...on chairs around our kitchen table. I put them in the dryer for about 20 minutes to remove any of the stiffness from being hung up.

Anthony works in a hospital and his scrubs are kept in their own basket. They are washed with soap and vinegar, separately from all other clothes. I wash them on permanent press and dry them on low to medium heat. 

I thought about putting my sweet moccasins away before taking the picture, but I wanted this to be real life in our house! 

I wash my bras inside a zippered pillow case that I close with a safety pin on delicate/handwash. The bras are then air dried with the cups facing upward. I put washcloths inside to keep the shape as they dry. This has really helped prevent any wires from coming through and I'm able to keep my bras for a long time. Bras are expensive!

We wash our towels every 3 days on warm water and on the Heavy spin/wash cycle. The towels dry with normal heat. Our bed's sheets are changed weekly. I wash them with warm water, on the normal cycle, and dry with normal heat.

Oh yeah, I HATE ironing, so putting clothes away right after they are done drying, prevents 95% of wrinkles, therefore no need to iron. That's the motivation I need to fold and put away our clothes. Anthony helps too! 

How do you tackle laundry in your house?

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