Apple Hill Adventure

On Sunday, Anthony and I got to take a quick trip up to Apple Hill. I was inspired by this post by Jen who blogs at 100 Days to Christmas to visit an apple orchard. So up the hill we drove. We have both been there numerous times over the years, but this year we decided to start early. Apple Hill Growers are a collection of 50 various orchards located in El Dorado County (near my in-laws' house). They grow different types of fruits and veggies. We saw that there was a lot of traffic on the way home, so we stopped at one of the closest ranches called Abel's Acres

After enjoying a little lunch at the ranch, I got a delicious pumpkin-apple pie and Anthony bought some garlic fries (our breath was horrible afterwards!) and some apple donuts for us to eat later.

We walked around for a few minutes and unfortunately we were pressed for time, so we didn't get to see everything they had at the ranch. I did get to fill up a box of apples though! We bought all "g" apples: Gala, Golden Delicious, & Granny Smith. Ha ha. 

I found this adorable, teeny tiny apple and had to show it to Anthony and he being the wonderful photographer snapped a pic of it!

Here is the 1/2 bushel of apples we purchased for $16. Looking at this box, I can only imagine all of the wonderful recipes waiting to be made. Anthony can't wait either!

Do you have apple orchards where you live? What would you make with a box of apples?