Spirit of Food Series - Essay 3: Scalloped Potatoes

I read this essay a few weeks ago, but I have been waiting for the weather to cool down in order to make the recipe. It's almost the end of September and it's still 90+ degrees! I might cook the recipe Jeanne Murray Walker included in her essay: The Communion of Saints, but for now, I'll just review the essay.

Walker is a poet by trade and in this essay, she discussed food and community. She was a frequent church attendee and had lots of friendships, however when she left the church due to hurt feelings, she realized that the community she had was gone. This was only realized 6 months after the fact. 

She had a "light bulb" moment when visiting a local produce store every day for groceries she didn't even need. At the Produce Junction, there were all types of people, yet they had one thing in common, groceries. Young or old, rich or poor, white or black, these differences faded away as the little store provided a community of people. 

Over her many visits to Produce Junction, Walker was able to forgive the people that had hurt her. She writes:

When I'm there [Produce Junction], I don't have to pretend to be more patient or reliable or smarter than I am. What I do will not affect my status or job. It will not shape the ongoing persona other people know as me. 

I think the genuineness of Produce Junction, provides a picture of what people are really seeking. The opportunity to be oneself and to be accepted the way they really are. Imagine a community, club, or better yet, a church where that was the case. We are all looking for fellowship with others, I think that's what keeps me writing here. And I hope what keeps you coming back.