100 Days to Christmas!

I love Christmas. Seriously, I. LOVE. IT. I begin a countdown to Christmas as soon as December 26th rolls around. Honestly, a little depression sets in December 26th, but I try not to let it get to me. 

In light of how much I enjoy the holiday season, when I saw a website called 100 Days to Christmas, I was elated. I felt like jumping up and down and then waking everyone up like a little kid on Christmas morning! I am pleased to report to you, my wonderful readers, that you can join me on this journey of little projects to get into the Christmas spirit. Visit the website for each day's inspriation and motivation. Or if you want all the pages in advance, you can buy the ebook for $4.99 from Amazon or directly from the site

I've already done the first day's project, it only took a few minutes and I feel more Christmas-y already!

It's a coincidence that I've posted two different books I recommend this week. I won't be doing this all the time!

Are you totally in to Christmas like I am? What is your favorite part?