31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo

Bryan Allain and Jon Acuff were the first two bloggers I remember reading online. As you might know by now, I love blogs and am really enjoying having my own place to express my unique perspective on the world.

3 months ago, I read of Bryan Allain’s ebook called, “Insight and Advice for Handling the 29 Most Common Frustrations Bloggers Face.” Visit Killer Tribes for more info. I found this ebook incredibly helpful with questions I had (and continue to have) with my own site. When I received an e-mail with information on his newest book, “31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo,” I immediately knew I wanted to read it. Today, I have the opportunity to share my thoughts on a pre-release copy of this book!

31 Days is a book written with the insight Allain has gained from his ten years of blogging. He offers valuable exercises and hands-on activities that will help increase the "readability" of your blog. I felt that the theme of this book was how to analyze your blog the way a reader would and then make any changes necessary to help the reader feel welcome.

3 topics Allain drives home are audience, content, and perspective. Each of these elements are critical to a blog's success. I appreciated hearing that my voice matters, I have a unique perspective and stories to share.

Allain gives practical ideas on how to increase content, comments, and traffic in a simple, yet meaningful way. I'm trying to implement some of the ideas by making this post short, so you wont stop reading because you're thinking this is like the Lamb Chop's song, "This is the post that doesn't end!"

I loved this book and am excited about the future of my own blog as I implement the ideas I learned here. It's only $4.99 and an easy, entertaining read. Go buy it. You'll be really happy you did.

You can purchase the book as a PDF at 31 Days to Mojo or for the Kindle at Amazon