I write as I sit in one of my favorite coffee shops. The Barista delivered my iced soy vanilla latte, filled to the brim. As I stirred my beverage I was careful not to spill. I began to stir gently, and noticed syrup at the bottom. I turned my attention from the top, to the bottom, and spilled my drink. I was so careful a moment ago, how did this happen? I lost focus.

What happens if I lose focus on the road? Crash! What happens if I lose focus with money? Debt. What happens if I lose focus in my marriage? That's scary. What if I lose focus on how I spend my time? Or more importantly, what I worship. That's extremely scary!

Imagine how powerful we would be if we focused on what really matters. 

* I must add, ironically enough, it took me over 30 minutes to write this post on focus between checking twitter, email, reeder and craigslist. Go figure.