Compulsory Education

There is a frequent discussion that occurs regarding educating our youth. Schooling choices is a topic I have researched in my own education and have been around my whole life. Schooling options include: public, private, home, and charter schools. Some think that the decline in the public education system is due to a political party. This is not the case. 

Compulsory education in California requires that all students between the ages of 6 to 18 attend school, unless they graduate early. When I read this post by Seth Godin, my interest was piqued. Here are a few thoughts I gathered from this article:

  1. Compulsory education was a result of child labor laws.
  2. Compulsory education began in 1918.
  3. Compulsory education was designed to create better factory workers.
  4. Compulsory education has only slightly changed since it first began.
  5. Compulsory education does not appear to be developing innovative, creative learners.
  6. Compulsory education encourages standardized testing and a narrow method of determining student progress.
  7. Compulsory education promotes "race to the bottom" which is the opposite of President Obama's Race to the Top campaign.
  8. Compulsory education encourages students to do as their told, but this can prevent instruction on how to disagree respectfully.
  9. Compulsory education was designed to produce compliant, orderly, do-what-you're-told workers.
  10. Compulsory education...What have we gained as a society from this method? Could this be one of the major issues with our current model of public education? 

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