Dresser Project

This weekend I had a do-it-yourself, craft day with my friend Amber. We made quite a few things and today I'm sharing the progress made on my dresser (see this post for the original condition and story).

Step 1: I used an automatic hand-sander to sand down the gloss of the paint and ensure the primer would stick.

Here are the drawers

Step 2: I have used 2 cans of primer to get the dresser ready for painting. I bought a third one to finish the sides of the drawers I haven't yet done. 

Anthony previously worked at a local paint store and informed me that a cheaper alternative to aerosol primer is normal paint. In the future, I think I'll try non-aerosol paint. 


At this stage of the project, I have spent $15 on primer (dresser was free).

I'm curious, if you've primed a project like this before, did you use aerosol or normal paint? 

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