One Chicken, 3 Recipes

Last Saturday, I posted how I planned to cook a whole chicken and make three separate recipes with the chicken. I am happy to report, I was able to make all 3 recipes I hoped to! The 5 1/2 pound chicken rendered about 5 cups of cooked meat. 

I saved the skin, bones, and drippings to make chicken broth. I added water to the top of the Crock-pot, celery stalks, onion pieces, black pepper, salt, a little vinegar, and cooked all on low for 8 hours. For a more detailed recipe on how to make broth, check out this video. I yielded about 12 cups of broth. To watch how I strain broth, check out this video.

I used the broth in chicken noodle soup.

For the soup, I used a variation of Jessica's recipe. Butter noodles from Trader Joe's (quite delicious), shredded carrots & zucchini, chicken, dried marjoram, onion powder (normally I use minced onions), salt, and pepper. Both Anthony and I loved the soup. 

The second recipe I made with the chicken was a chicken salad.

I used this recipe from Emily who blogs at Live Renewed. The "add-in's" I used were chopped apple pieces, toasted almond slices, and celery. I served it inside pitas and it was great. The minimal mayo really helped the salad feel light, perfect for summertime.

Lastly, I made a pizza with the chicken.

I used this recipe that I've shared before. This time though, I used small slices of zucchini and fresh basil instead of the aspargus spears. 

Overall, I am pleased with all of the recipes I was able to make using the cooked chicken.

What recipes do you make when you have leftover chicken?