My 1st Restoration Project

Being the nosey neighbor I am, I noticed our neighbors had a nice dresser in their driveway with a giveaway tag on it. It was outside our bathroom window, so for the past few days, I kept seeing it there. Staring me down. Begging me to take it home. Pleading with me to fix it up and put crafts inside of it. So, this afternoon, I walked over and asked if they were selling it. They weren't. She said they were giving it away!!! The neighbors even helped Anthony and I move it into our garage.  

The only small problem with the dresser is that it is a bright boy-colored BLUE

Luckily, my friend Jackie is a master restorer/renovator. I sent her a picture of the dresser and she is totally up for helping me. 

As this restoration project progresses, I will post updates for you all to read. Honestly, I am super excited about this. I'm planning on using it to store all of my crafts. Looking forward to what it will look like next to my sewing desk!

Have you ever restored furniture? Please post a link to what you've done. I need some inspiration! 

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