Sew-what? Tote Bag Project

A few weeks ago I wrote a review about a local sewing store called The Tin Thimble and let you know that I would be getting to take a few lessons there. Well, this past Wednesday (August 10), I had my first class where I made a tote bag! Once again, the employees at The Tin Thimble exceeded my expectations. Emma and her sister Hannah, were the class teachers. 

I was greeted with a warm smile and given a name tag. Emma showed me to the table I would be using for my sewing "station." Hannah proceeded to be the teacher and was so encouraging throughout the entire class. Actually, both of the ladies were! There were 6 people in my class and 2 of the gals had never sewn before. This wasn't a problem at all. The shop had extra machines and Emma/Hannah threaded the machines for the new seamstresses. They gave each of us individualized attention and we were able to proceed at our own paces. 

I brought my own machine and Emma & Hannah helped me adjust the tension. They explained how to carefully measure and press my project to ensure it turned out neat and orderly. I also learned how to do a basting stitch on my machine. 

The best part about the class was that by the end of the scheduled 3 hours, I had a beautiful finished product. I would definitely recommend the classes at The Tin Thimble for any level of seamstress. I'm sure you will learn at least one new thing from the knowledgeable ladies! 

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Anthony. He is such a wonderful husband. He bought me the sewing lessons, chauffeured me to class, and carried all of my stuff in and out of the store. I love him.