My Day in Hollywood

Today (Tuesday), we drove from Huntington Beach into downtown Los Angeles/Hollywood. Did you know that there is traffic at noon on a Tuesday in LA? There is. A one-hour drive ended up taking 2 hours! Fortunately, we had packed a few snacks and had water bottles with us. 

Anyhow, our destination was Hollywood Boulevard to take a bus tour. But first, we went to Tommy's, a hamburger place, for lunch. All of their hamburgers and cheeseburgers are topped with chili. It was interesting, but we all decided a one time visit would be enough. 

We decided earlier in the day that we would go on the Star Line Tours for not one, but two sight-seeing bus tours. The first tour lasted about an hour and was called the Hollywood Trolley Tour. However, we did not have the pleasure of touring on a trolley (it was being repaired), we were in an open-top 25 person bus. The second tour lasted 2 1/2 hours and was the Celebrity Home Tour. It met at Grauman's Chinese Theatre and we drove all around Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Mullholland Drive, and West Hollywood in a 15-passenger open-top van.

I thought it was neat to see all of the different star's homes and found it interesting that quite a few of the houses were under construction. The home that I liked the most was Clark Gable's, it reminded me of a Fab-40's home in Sacramento. It was interesting to see that the quite a few of the star's homes were surrounded by double-fences and gigantic trees to provide privacy. I don't know how I would feel about tours of people driving past my house everyday and pointing out where I lived. I suppose it's the price you pay for stardom.

Anthony, Me, Caleb (Bro-in-law), Heidi (Sis), Heather (Sis), Mark (Dad), Lisa (Mom)

I did not know that the famous Hollywood sign was originally an advertisement for Hollywood-Land, a development project. And that each letter of the current sign is 45 feet tall! Also, did you know that LA County is the largest county in the United States? I didn't, until today. 

It was really fun to spend the day touring a place I have never visited before and spending time with my family. I'd have to say one of the highlights of the evening was our impromptu dinner at a BoHo Restaurant at the Hollywood & Highland Center. We showed up just in time for Happy Hour. Translation: awesome food at half the price! We enjoyed pork belly sliders, gourmet pizzas, delicious fries, and even homemade hummus. I must add that Anthony wasn't fully satisfied since they were out of Root Beer. 

I would definitely recommend the tours to someone who hasn't been, but NOT in the middle of the day in July! I enjoyed seeing new things and spending time with my family. All-in-all, good day today! 

What are some things you like to do in Hollywood?