A Road-trip Post

Anthony and I are on our way down to Huntington Beach to meet my parents & siblings for a Roome Family Vacay (Roome is my maiden name and it's pronounced: Rome). I was thinking about it and our family functions are about to return to being louder & more interesting because my Uncle, Aunt, and their 7 kids are moving back to the United States after having spent 6 years living in Brazil.

I'm really excited that they're moving back. Our family has grown since they moved, by two husbands! It's incredibly cool to think about the changes that will occur the next few years. The Roome family will get bigger and bigger. My dad has a brother & a sister and between the three of them, they had 15 grandkids. It's fun to imagine how much larger our family will get when all of us are married and have little bambinos.

For now, I'm looking forward to spending a few days under the same roof as my dad, mom, sisters, brother-in-law, and of course Anthony. My little brother had to stay home, he has work and football. I'll miss him...even though he does enjoy picking me up and walking around with me on his shoulder! More thoughts to come.

Happy Saturday, my friends! Any interesting plans this weekend?