The Great Recovery

Last night, Dave Ramsey did a simulcast for a movement he believes will help heal the economy in the United States. And it doesn't involve the government. No, this is a genuine grass roots effort, if I've ever heard of one. His idea for The Great Recovery is that you and me-ordinary people-when teamed with other people, become a mighty force. And that we can change the economy, because we are the economy, not the government.

His talk wasn't a discussion about which political party is right or wrong, about Financial Peace being the best way to teach budgeting, but rather, the importance of Christians teaching and living by God's principles. Where do we find God's principles about life and money? The Bible. Getting out of debt and staying out of debt, living within our means, & giving generously to others, are just a few of the principles found in the Bible. Hope is found in the Word of God and God's principles work. When we sow seeds of faithfulness, good habits, right hearts & attitudes, we reap the rewards of peace, diligence, & even prosperity. 

Please, take a few minutes and browse the Great Recovery's site. If you have time and want to be encouraged, watch the Kickoff Message. My marriage was impacted by choosing to live God's way

If you watched the broadcast, what were your thoughts?