A Weight Loss and Maintenance Tip

Today, I’m sharing a tip I’ve learned over the years that works for me to make weight loss easier:

The snack size, zip-top baggie.

This little trick has helped me keep off the 30+ pounds I lost with Weight Watchers in 2008.

Before Weight Watchers, circa 2007

The main things I put in zip-top bags are foods that I need to have portion-controlled, namely snacks. For instance, I purchase a normal-sized portion of chips and once I open the bag, I divide the portioned amount (1 serving) into baggies and make sure the number of servings matches the number of baggies. Over time, I’ve found that doing this helps me avoid overeating and guilt.

After Weight Watchers, June 2011 

Are there any tips or tricks you use to help control food portions?

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