Top Ten Tuesday - Top 10 Pet Peeves in Cubicle World

This post is inspired by TRUE events that occur in my office. I work in a six story office downtown that has about 1,000 people working in it.

Top 10 Pet Peeves in Cubicle World

  1. Bathrooms – Please clean up after yourself. This includes turning around and ensuring the toilet area is nice and tidy for the next person to enter the stall. Oh, and wash your hands; I can see you from inside the stalls!
  2. Loud phone talkers – Seriously, I do not want to know about your personal life that much. Your friend/family/etc. probably doesn’t want to hear about it either. Please go to a quiet room and talk about your gripes, family drama, and most importantly: personal medical issues, I can’t take it!
  3. Cutting the cake - If you are charged with cutting a birthday/celebration cake, do NOT lick your fingers after every...single... slice. We all saw you do it and drank a bottle of hand sanitizer after eating that cake.
  4. Compressed air – When you spray compressed air to get rid of the dust on top of your desk, it goes back in the air and settles right back down. Grab a damp towel and wipe off the dust. Dispose in the garbage. This method actually gets rid of the dust. (these people are probably the ones with the leaf blowers who blow stuff into the street and don't actually pick it up, sheesh)
  5. Microwaves – If your food explodes or boils over, no one is going to clean it up. Please do the courteous thing and clean up after yourself. Your mom doesn't work in our office. 
  6. Fragrances – That old, musty cologne and old lady perfume have got to go, please throw away. Light and clean is much more attractive. Oh, and some deodorant would be nice on occasion. 
  7. Leftovers – Please don’t heat up any creature that swims (i.e. seafood). They do not microwave well and they stink up the whole office.
  8. Whispering – the minute you start talking quieter, my ears perk up, especially if you are usually a loud talker (see # 2)
  9. Plants – I understand there is a desire to make the drab world of cubicles more interesting, but your plants attract gnats and little moths. Fake plants look fine.
  10. Elevator doors - When the elevator doors have started closing, don't put your hand in at the last second to stop it. There are 4 more to choose from, please wait for the next one. 

There you have it! What are your cubicle world pet peeves?

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