Burma Superstar - Oakland, CA

On Saturday, Anthony and I had the pleasure of going to Berkeley for the day to spend time at one of the best cafe's we've ever been to, Cafe Yesterday. Our friend, Chad is one of the partners that runs this non-profit coffeeshop. We spent some time in the cafe going over blogs, website traffic and design, and some stories about our lives. Chad's friend, Jenna, a wonderful photographer from El Dorado Hills joined us and we proceeded to get in her "Yar" (Toyota Yaris) to drive to SF (aka 'the city') for a late lunch.

While we were on our way, I asked Chad if there were any good restaurants near Berkeley and he said "Yes, I've been craving Burmese food ever since I tried it a few weeks ago!" He proceeded to describe the food they serve, we had no idea what Burmese food was. I wanted to try it as soon as he said they had coconut sticky rice. Anthony was sold when he said they had sesame chicken. We made our way to the restaurant...thank God for iPhones and GPS, there are a ton of freeways in the Bay Area!

We waked into Burma Superstar and were seated promptly. We perused the menu and decided to order: Coconut chicken noodle soup, Mango chicken, Garlic noodles with pork, Sesame chicken, and Coconut sticky rice. We didn't wait more than 3 minutes and our servers began to bring out the food. Yeah! We were all quite hungry, so the speed of service was wonderful.

I cannot begin to accurately describe the flavors that were happening with all of the delicious entrees. I felt like Remy from the Pixar movie, Ratatouille, where they eat the burnt food, the Jazz music plays and the symphony of flavors is seen! It was "lightning-y!" The coconut rice was flavored with coconut milk and had toasted coconut flakes mixed in it. The coconut soup had hard boiled eggs, red onions and was a smooth, creamy chicken noodle. The crispy sesame chicken had a tasty teriyaki sweet sauce and sesame seeds on top of it,  which was great on the coconut rice. The Garlic noodles were a thin pan noodle and had lots of veggies in the dish, including pork. It wasn't my favorite dish. Lastly, the Mango chicken was pleasantly spicy, mango pieces, and Asian-inspired seasonings.

We all loved Burma Superstar and I was so happy we were introduced to Burmese food! In case you'd like to learn more about Burmese cuisine, read the excerpt below from Wikipedia. Thanks for reading my opinions of this great restaurant!

Burmese cuisine includes a rich collection of dishes and meals found in various regions of the country, which is also known as Myanmar. Owing to the geographic location of Myanmar, Burmese cuisine has been influenced greatly by China, India and Thailand. However, Burmese cuisine has retained unique preparation techniques and distinct flavours, and there are many regional variations of "standard" dishes --Wikipedia search "Burmese Cuisine"