My Crafting Story

This is my new sewing machine and a $35 awesome desk I bought off Craigslist. Sometimes people name these types of items- sewing machines, but I’ve never done that with an inanimate object. It’s a Singer Featherweight II. My mom and dad gave it to me for my birthday and Master’s degree celebration.

My husband and I went to San Francisco this weekend and whenever we drive somewhere longer than 30 minutes we listen to audiobooks or The Dave Ramsey Showpodcasts. This weekend we listened to a few chapters of Jon Acuff’s new book “Quitter”. Acuff encourages his readers (or listeners) to keep their day jobs and pursue their passions at other times throughout the day.

Acuff says that the thing that you would do if you had more time, money, or whatever, is probably a starting point/clue to what you enjoy doing. He argues that if time stops when you do this activity, it’s an indicator of what you love. Another way of discovering what your passion is that if you'd do the activity even if you were never paid. 

I have always loved crafts. Both of my Grandmas taught me their craft of choice. My Grandma Coryell taught me how to knit and my Grandma Roome taught me how to cross-stitch. My parents also paid for my sisters and me to take sewing lessons. So I learned how to sew and made my own quilt from my Mom.

This is part of my history…and future.