Day Trip to San Francisco

Today, Malisa and I went to SF for the day. On our trip to Portland and Seattle in January we did a lot of walking and going to places we've never been. So, today was one of those days, but a bit closer to home. 

We started out driving to Berkeley, about 1.5 hours away. The first plan was to get coffee (of course it was) and we knew of a coffee shop in Berkeley called Cafe Yesterday. One of the guys who runs it is named Chad. I started following him on Instagram a few months ago and he knows a friend of ours, PC. We talked a bit on twitter and met him at the cafe, he is an all-around rad dude. We met the rest of the guys who own/work it, took a picture with 1972 Jesus, had some great coffee and played with our iPads a bit. We wish we could have stayed longer but we will be back soon!  

We drove from Cafe Yesterday and we parked the car at the North Berkeley BART station. We rode to the 16th & Mission station and walked to the Rickshaw Bagworks factory store in the Dogpatch District. 

Rickshaw sells their bags and things from the storefront and has a tool area for bike repairs. Malisa also ordered an iPad bag in a custom fabric only sold in the store. Of course, I wasn't able to decide which bag/color I wanted so I walked out empty-handed. 

We were also able to see the production areas and all of the materials they use to make their products. It was quite cool and I made sure to snap a couple pictures. 

Across the street was a restaurant called Piccino, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat. We started heading toward the Embarcadero but *lightbulb* I remembered about wanting to visit Sightglass Coffee, only 1.9 miles away! On the way there, we stopped in to the Marin Bike outlet, looked at some sweet road bikes and talked to one of the guys about the model of folding bike they sell, Mezzo

Sightglass was under construction, but the small storefront was open. I first learned about Sightglass last year when they started using Square and an iPad as the POS system. (Here's the Square Card Case video they filmed at Sightglass.) Even though it was under construction I was still glad we went and the coffee was quite good. 

From Sightglass, we walked to the Civic Center BART station, rode back to Berkeley and picked up our car. We then ate dinner at a chinese restaurant here in Sacramento and concluded our day. 

The day wasn't too long but we would have otherwise been sitting at home or running errands, our trip to SF was a much better idea.

Miles Walked: 4.6