Slow Cooked BBQ Beef

Super excited that I have dinner cooking and I am not home working on it! This meal was one of the fastest dinners to assemble. Buy some lean stew meat, roughly chop an onion (I chose red), cut the prunes, and pour the BBQ sauce over the ingredients. Stir together and put the lid on the Crock-pot. We will have this meal on hamburger buns from Trader Joe's, baked beans, and maybe a small salad.

The best idea came to me as I thought about leftovers. You can freeze this meal! Place small portions of the meat in Ziploc containers and a hamburger bun in a baggie. Put the meat & bread in another larger baggie (Label the baggie with date & contents) and stick in the fridge until cold. Place in the freezer. Pull out a few hours/overnight before you want to eat. No wasting of the hamburger buns and you can have a quick meal another time!