First 24 hours with my Rickshaw Commuter

I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a Rickshaw Bagworks Commuter 2.0. I heard about these bags from the Bag Collector, then I saw the Father Apprentice review and it was a done deal. They also offered a promo code so I got 10% off and free S&H, can't beat that. So, here is my impression of the bag after the first 24 hours.

After going back and forth on color combinations, I chose the Earl Grey tweed flap with the Cordura Old Navy binding (I've since had the navy binding changed to Olive). My initial thought when opening the box was the tweed looked like a different color online. It looked more grey online whereas in person it's more green and brown. I probably would have chosen a different binding color if I had realized but either way, this thing looks slick. I like that it's different than I expected, makes it more unique.

(Commuter taking a rest on the Eames after a hard day)

For its first day out, I loaded it with my 15" MacBook Pro, all of my cables/chargers, magazines/books, as well as my glasses and misc items. I wanted it to be loaded full of stuff and heavy. This bag is so comfortable! The shoulder strap was great and it didn't feel heavy on my shoulder.

Other things I love: the silent opening of the flap, the rectangle bottom so the bag stands up (no need to lean it against something), the removable laptop sleeve, and, probably most of all, the super comfortable strap.

I thought having pens/notebooks in the very back pocket would dig into my back but they don't.

There are a few things I'd change though, as petty as they may be:

  • I don't really like the mesh side pockets. If I put sunglasses or anything of value in the pockets, the items are visible to everyone. Although, for a dripping water bottle it's probably a good idea.
  • It would be nice if the 2 front pockets were, instead, one giant pocket and the zipper extended all the way across.
  • Continuing with the front pockets, I'm not the biggest fan of the felt-like fabric they used. I like the waterproof fabric but the soft fabric catches on my fingernails, callouses, etc. One of my North Face jackets uses this fabric in the pockets and I do not like it.
  • I don't love the document folder inside the main pocket. It might get more use over time though.
  • I would like the main pocket to be bigger. When carrying my MacBook Pro (in the Rickshaw sleeve) I would like more room for other items.

Thanks to Father Apprentice and Chase Reeves for the initial review and Rickshaw Bagworks for making such a cool product. I'm quite happy with my purchase.