Best of 2011- Saving Cash to Buy a Car

I wanted to share my best posts of 2011, so here they are!

Saving Cash to Buy a Car

In this post, I posed the question of whether adults save up for cars or was it only something teens do? I am happy to report to you that Anthony & I saved our money and bought a car! We heard from Dave Ramsey that it's possible to pay cash for a car & after watching this video, we were convinced more than ever.

We started saving in May & figured out we should have enough saved by the middle of September. In August, we both got VERY antsy & decided to apply for a personal loan of $5,000. Our logic was simple: it would only take us a little longer to pay off the loan since we already had some money saved & we'd be able to buy anything we found at a moment's notice. Wrong. Both of us have great jobs and no debt other than my student loans, yet we were denied the loan. This was a clear sign to both of us. Wait. 

Friday, September 3rd, we sat down to do our month's budget. We prayed that God would bring us the right car & we'd have wisdom to realize it. We left to run a few errands & as Anthony was sitting in the car he checked Craigslist. An ad for a used 2001 All-wheel Drive Honda CRV had been listed that morning. The ad had minimal details, but we could see that it was white (the color we wanted) & only had 75,000 miles! Hoping it had not yet been sold, we left a message & got out all of our money out of the bank. Anthony spoke to the owner on the phone & he told us he had retired from a Honda dealership in the area. YES! They were the original owners. YES! It was a clean title. YES! The earliest he could meet us was 11 am the next morning. 

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