How to Make Homemade Root Beer

My hubster, Anthony likes root beer. And by likes, I actually mean loves. I got him 27 bottles for his birthday this year. 

Our good friend, Jesse bought him a root beer kit for his birthday gift. I'd like to share with you the 10 steps to making your own root beer at home:

1. Purchase a root beer kit (or have a birthday and receive it with open arms as a gift)

2. Remove the box's contents

3. Fill up a container with water. This will be used to sanitize the bottles, caps, and funnel.

4. Next double check the directions and make sure you have all the ingredients needed. If not, take a short trip up the street to the grocery store for sugar.

5. When you realize that you've poured out the water the directions said to save, it's okay to feel frustrated. 

6. Mix all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl that has been sanitized. Only stir with items that were also sanitized. 

7. Use the funnel to fill the amber-colored bottles. (Please ignore all of the dishes in the sink, I wasn't expecting to make root beer on this occasion)

8. Tightly screw the caps onto the bottles. 

9. Admire all 4 of the homemade bottles of root beer.

10. Carefully take all the bottles and store in a dark, cool place. For our bottles, that would be our spare room closet. Wait 3-10 days for the bottles to harden and the yeast to ferment.

Have you ever made root beer? 

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