3 Things a Not-Yet Mom Asks

Jessica’s blog was one of the very first blogs I found in the Spring of 2010 with her series on Spring Clean Along. I had never really heard about blogging and for sure didn’t know the world that would open up to me through the “mom bloggers.”

As a wife and a not-yet mom, there are many valuable topics I have learned from blog world including: meal planning, freezer cooking, Godly attitudes, and marriage. The other day, I had a wonderful conversation with a friend of mine. She shared how every morning her toddler comes into her room and wakes her up with a smile and happiness. My friend said, “it's weird how as adults we can often lose the joy children have; when I see my daughter’s outlook it reminds me of why I love being a mom and encourages me to be more joyful!” 

This conversation got me thinking. My friend didn’t know it, but that story lifted my outlook on parenthood. What she shared expressed the joy of having kids. So often in our society the role of parenting and motherhood, specifically, is looked down on. I will not accept that belief. Moms are raising our next leaders and have a challenging task. With all the negativity, I need some positivity and a paradigm shift.

There are 3 things I’d like to ask current moms to do for us not-yet moms.

Share the good about being a mom

I have heard many times that being a mom is the hardest career ever, but it is less frequent I hear moms enjoying their lives. Please share the little kisses you get, the “I wuv you, Mama,” and the feeling you have when your child wants only your attention. Its important to share the difficult parts of parenthood, but a balance of positive stories would be great to hear.

Share how your life has changed

Telling stories about your how your life is different encourages me to not be scared of the changes that occur with parenthood. Do you still see your friends? Do you and your husband do things differently now because of your kids? What things about life do you appreciate now that you didn’t before? These are some of the things I love hearing about. I have never thought of closing my eyes at the beach as a luxury, but to some of my friends, it is. 

Share how you still need non-mom friends

L to R: Malisa (me) & Jodi (a mommy-friend)

I imagine being around children all day is stressful and talking about children all day, is also stressful. There is a big difference in lifestyle between parents and non-parents. It is important for moms and non-moms to talk about where they are in life. Being around you and seeing you raise your children helps me. I hope that being around me and having adult conversations helps you too.

Lastly, keep up the good work and sacrificing for your children, it will pay off! I look forward to one day joining you on the other side!

Is there anything you would add? What would you share with a not-yet mom?