Yarn Wreaths with Felted Flowers

Thanks to Danielle's wonderful tutorial on how to turn a straw wreath in to something beautifully fall, I have been making lots and lots of wreaths (and gathering as many worker bees as I could enlist to help me make more).

I thought it would be fun to share how I convinced my sisters, brother, brother-in-law, and friend to work for the Queen Bee...me. Ha ha!

1. I posted this picture on Instagram. My sister Heidi saw it. On Saturday night, she asked me how I made it.

2. "You begin with a straw wreath. Keep the plastic on it."

3. "Wrap it in yarn. And wrap it in more yarn. When you're done wrapping it in yarn, keep wrapping it with yarn"

4. At this point in time, Heather wanted to know if she had to keep wrapping. I said, "Yes, keep wrapping"! (I don't think she liked that idea)

5. "Next, you make lots and lots of felt flowers"

6. We needed more help with flower making so we enlisted help from Laura (friend), Josh (brother), Caleb (brother-in-law), and Adam (friend). 

7. "Place all of your flowers on the wreath. Add some festive twigs. Arrange before gluing, so you can re-arrange if you want to."

8. Caleb and Heidi got a new family member, her name is Penelope Jane, Penny for short. In this picture, she's saying, "Wow, Mom, you made that wreath? I'm so happy I got a crafty-Mom!" I must mention that Anthony spent 90% of the evening playing with the puppy. She is SO CUTE!

9. All of the sudden, I realized we hadn't taken any pictures to put on my blog. All night long, it was a standing joke when someone asked how I learned how to make these flowers, I said, "My friend, Amber and the bloggers." So, I got verbal consent from all people present and told them I'd be blogging about our yarn wreaths. 

10. Our finished products. Three beautiful wreaths and lots of laughs. 

Thanks to everyone for helping me have something fun to write about. I had a great time and hope all of you did too! Any suggestions for projects for my crew and me? 

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