Weekly Roundup

Posts I liked this week:
  • The Secret to Being Perfectly Confident at Any Social Event ~ Kat wrote this post and it brought me to tears especially this part, "when our hearts and minds are turned toward loving Jesus and loving others, there is no room left for insecurity or comparison."
  • All Framed Up Baby Quilt ~ I have been casually obsessively looking at making a quilt. This one is adorable. I just can't figure out if I have the patience for quilting and if I can sew in a straight line. 
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Blondies ~ Anne posted this recipe and said they are the "magically disappearing dessert." We are having friends for dinner tonight and I think I might try them out!
  • Growing a Beautiful Marriage ~ Jessica has a series about contentment and this week is was on marriage. "Marriage means being committed to someone, no matter what."
  • Best Scarf Tutorial EVER ~ Betty shared this video and it is super creative. Get those scarves ready!

Did you read anything intriguing this week?