Weekly Roundup

This week these posts caught my eye:
  • So the other day... ~ Jodi wrote a profound post on the power of our words and the love she has for her son.
  • Malted Hot Cocoa Mix ~ Jessica shared this recipe and if it ever gets cold here, I'll be making it!
  • How to Be an Intentional Shopper ~ Christina gave great tips to save money at the grocery store. Loved this part "...when you shop intentionally, you will save yourself time and stress."
  • Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread ~ Amy wrote this recipe and when I showed it to Anthony, he was very happy that I might be baking it for him.
  • Worry Wart ~ PC caused me to reflect on the reasons I worry: "Is it because worrisome people continue to avoid the removal of the disgusting part of themselves because of some unknown reason."

In case you're curious, I love the Toy Story movies and the picture of Woody's Roundup goes perfectly with my blog roundups!