Ingredients: the Film

While sewing a few weeks ago, I watched a documentary called Ingredients. I have been interested in eating food that is less processed for a while now and this movie was up my alley. That same week, I had written this post about Ann Voskamp and her family's farm.

The more I discover that food is often fake or chemically engineered, the more I want to change what we eat. It's vital for me to do things gradually and incrementally. I have a tendency to want to take on tasks that only a superhuman would be able to do. What I'm realizing though, is that even small changes matter.

According to this article from the Huffington Post, Americans spent 10% of their income on food in 2009, yet in 1949 we spent 22% on food. The point that Voskamp and the filmmakers drove home is that we have gotten used to buying cheap food and not knowing where it is coming from. Oftentimes, the consumer doesn't even care. I have started to care. 

Ann Voskamp wrote in her essay in the Spirit of Food:

Industrial agriculture is an urban invention, and if agriculture is going to be reinvented, it's going to have to be reinvented by urban people. 

What are your thoughts on the food we eat? Do you think one person's buying choices matter?