Pacific Northwest: Day 10 (The End)

Unfortunately, today was our last day in Seattle. We woke up and finished packing. We did a vast majority of it last night so packing this morning was easy. After that we started walking toward Pike Place Market. We saw it fitting that our vacation started in the market so it should end there. We went straight to Starbucks and got in line. There were so many more people there today, being Saturday, than during the week. So many Asians and cameras, haha!

From Starbucks, we went back to Le Panier to grab something to eat. Malisa ordered something but they didn't have bagels, so we started looking for a bagel place. Here's a tip: do not always trust Google Maps. There were 3 bagel shops, on the map, within a half mile from the market that were not there at all or were at a different address. We walked around for quite a long time before we found a place, a block from where Google said they were. We finally got there and I wasn't even hungry anymore! 

From the bagel place, we walked to the bus stop and took the bus back up to our condo. We sat and relaxed a bit before walking downstairs to the deli/cafe for a sandwich. After lunch, we got a bit more coffee from Kaladi Brothers coffee down the street, since we liked it so much.

After coffee, we got our luggage and the taxi was there to pick us up. The drive to SeaTac airport was surprisingly long and quite expensive! We spent about 2 hours in the airport waiting for our flight. We got there early since we'd never been to that airport, it was empty.

When we walked onto the plane, Malisa got the first seats in the plane. There was a great deal of leg room, but, little did we know, there aren't any bags allowed at our legs. We had to store our carry-ons in the overhead compartments, which, there were none nearby. I had to walk about halfway down the plane to fit our luggage and wait for a break in the people boarding to walk back to the front. It was a colossal pain! When we landed, we had to walk through the crowd to get our bags and people were not happy, neither were we! Some were understanding of our situation, some were not.

From the plane, we got our luggage from baggage claim at the lovely Sac International Airport. Josh picked us up and we were on our way home. We stopped at In-N-Out on the way and made it home. It was a great vacation, as you might have guessed, but quite tiring and we are glad to be back home!

Thanks for reading the last 10 days, goodnight!

Miles walked today: 3

Total miles walked this trip: 56 !!!!!!

Total bus miles: TOO MANY!