Pacific Northwest: Day 9

Today was wet. It has been fairly dry in Seattle all week, until today. We woke up and started walking to Ride the Ducks, near the Seattle Center and the Space Needle. We got there a few minutes early, so we grabbed a bagel and some coffee from down the street. I was so wet I had to use a bathroom hand dryer to dry my hair, and it was still soaked! We walked back to the Ducks and hopped on board. The driver, "Captain Chuck Wagon," gave us a tour of the city, shared some facts and provided some great entertainment. He also played music for us to sing along to and made us interact with him.

In the middle of our tour we drove into Lake Union! The Duck is an amphibious vehicle so we drove down a boat launch and into the water. The Duck was very slow and stable, on rough waters, so I didn't even get sea sick! That made me quite happy. We even got to see the floating house where Tom Hanks lived in Sleepless in Seattle. Aboard our Duck was the cutest little boy from Scotland and one of the fellow riders bought him a duck whistle. He was amused by the whistle, as were we. 

After our ride, we walked over to the Pacific Science Center, which, sadly was quite lame. We used our Go Cards and got right in, but we only stayed 10 minutes. 

(the sign on the Science Center cafe, nerd-a-licious!)

From the Science Center, we caught the monorail to the Westlake Center where we grabbed some lunch from the food court and Malisa got a mocha from Dilletante. By this time we were cold, wet and starving so any food/warmth was welcome. Luckily, today was the first time we've gotten wet on our trip. With all the walking we have done, I consider us fortunate that we weren't perpetually drenched.

We walked down the escalator in the Westlake center to the underground bus/lightrail station. It only took a minute and the bus picked us up for our next stop, Pioneer Square. From the station, we walked to Zeitgiest Coffee. We visited it on the coffee crawl, but never got to try their coffee. I ordered a white mocha, instead of my usual black & white, which was way too sweet. I think I would have liked it more if not for the overpowering sweetness.

From Zeitgiest, we walked two blocks to Quest Field, where the Seahawks (football) and Sounders (soccer) play. Our Go Cards provided us with a stadium tour. There were only 5 of us on the tour today, much less than the baseball field tour yesterday. The stadium was huge, but it was no where near as cool as Safeco. Maybe because we aren't interested in football or soccer as much as we are baseball. Also, I'd like to point out that the stadium basically shares a parking lot with the Amtrak station, where we came in. The city seemed so big a week ago, but we have learned our way around and have seen so much that it doesn't nearly seem as overwhelming.  

On the tour, we saw the visitor's locker room, the box seats, VIP lounge and got to walk on the field. Yesterday we weren't allowed on the grass, only the dirt. This field was synthetic, so we were allowed on the "grass." The tour guide told us the field is sitting on a lot of concrete from the old stadium and it's actually made of old Nike shoes and car tires. It was pretty squishy to walk on, but it would still hurt to get tackled! The guide also told us the power was out during the earlier tour so they had to take the stairs, but the power was back on for us. We were happy since we are both getting tired from all the walking. 

After our tour, we walked to a bus stop near the Dry Soda shop we went to yesterday. We hopped on the bus and it took us back downtown from Pioneer Square. We got out of the bus in front of a Patagonia store, so, naturally we had to go inside. Malisa said "I think we have visited every outdoor apparel shop in Seattle," and I think she is right. I'd like to say we've visited every cafe/coffee house but I don't think that is possible, they are everywhere!

From the Patagonia store, we continued to our destination, Top Pot Doughnuts. This is Seattle's famous doughnut shop, similar to Portland's VooDoo but Top Pot is much less weird. The doughnuts were quite good and the shop was very nice. It had 2 levels and library shelves with hardbound books on them. There was also a reading light at every table for the guests. The guy helping us at the counter was very nice and told us a few more things we should do in Seattle. Unfortunately, we are leaving tomorrow. 

From Top Pot, we walked back to the condo. It was still early, but we had dinner plans and wanted to change clothes. After we were done getting ready, we walked a few blocks to catch the bus back downtown.

For dinner, we went to Ivar's Acres of Clams on Pier 54. We requested a window seat, so we could look at the water. Although, the water we got to look at was actually the back of the neighboring building, the fire station. I got to see the fire boat, the Chief Seattle (named for the Duwamish indian chief, for whom the city was also named), and the small rescue boats, which was pretty cool. Ivar's is a famous restaurant so we had high expectations, honestly, it wasn't great. The service was pretty poor and the food wasn't amazing. Malisa ordered the salmon and I got a 10 oz sirloin and 1/2 lb of King Crab legs, as well as a crab cake and clam chowder for appetizers. When we made our reservation, we told the restaurant it was our anniversary (even though it's in March, it is the reason we're on vacation), so the server brought us a piece of chocolate cake with a candle in it. We were very appreciative, and, even though the service wasn't great, we tipped well. 

Dreading the walk uphill to our condo, and not wanting to wait 20 minutes for a bus, we weren't sure how we should get back. Luckily, there was a cab waiting outside the restaurant for anyone who might need a ride, and we sure did! It was only $2 more than the bus would have been and it saved us 20 minutes.

We are now back in our condo and 90% packed to leave tomorrow. We still have a few things we want to do before we leave but mostly we are ready to go home. We miss our family and friends, and we miss having a car! This has been a wonderful treat to be able to come up here and do whatever we feel like doing, whenever we feel like doing it. We had a list of things we wanted to do, but we didn't plan an itinerary. That gave us the freedom to explore but also gave us direction so we didn't get bored. By the way, we have taken over 900 pictures!

Thank you for reading, tomorrow's post will be the last, until the next trip!

Miles walked today: 4.5