Pacific Northwest: Day 8

This morning we woke up and spent a while trying to figure out where to eat breakfast. We had a few ideas of places farther northeast in Capital Hill (about a mile away) but that was going out of the direction we needed to be later in the day, so we opted out of those. Since we didn't have anywhere else to go for food, we started walking toward downtown knowing we'd find somewhere, and we did! We stopped in a coffee shop called Kaladi Brothers. We both ordered a caffeinated beverage, a pumpkin muffin (Malisa was so excited) and a sun-dried tomato bagel with cream cheese (and a chocolate croissant for later). The coffee and the food were very good, the cafe was "cozy," and the barista girl was very nice.

From Kaladi, we continued walking down Pike Street toward downtown. It was quite cold today so... we stopped for coffee again at a place called Seattle Coffee Works near Pike Place Market. Now, we say "toward Pike Place Market" because most things are in that direction, not that we go to the actual market everyday, but it has been the center of our activities so far. We stayed at Seattle Coffee Works just long enough to get our beverages and we were on the road again, going south. Oh, and also, when we visit these many coffee shops, we order the smallest coffee they have, to see if we can taste a difference. We usually can. 

Our first major activity of the day was a tour of Safeco Field, where the Seattle Mariners play. It took us about 30 minutes to get there from the coffee shop. We walked upstairs, inside the team store, to meet up for our tour. There were about 10-15 of us walking around the field and it was amazing to see the field on a non-game day. Everyone knew who our team was since Malisa chose to represent and wore her SF Giants hat! We saw the owners box, the visitor's clubhouse/locker room, batting cages, VIP eating room, announcer's/media box, and even got to go on the field to see the dugouts! 

Our tour guide shared a lot of baseball history, explained different aspects of the stadium and gave us Mariners stats (a lot about Ichiro). He told us that the primary shareholder, Hiroshi Yamauchi (from Nintendo), bought the Mariners as a gift to Seattle so they wouldn't have to move cities, and that he's never been to a Mariners game since he's afraid to fly! The guide said he'd fly over if they ever went to the World Series, but we'll see if that happens. Also, all of the signs are in English and Japanese instead of Spanish. 

From the ballpark, we walked across the street to Pyramid Alehouse for lunch. We then walked farther south to an Outdoor Research shop to see if it was any good, however it wasn't. 

From there we walked back north toward downtown. Malisa noticed a small shop called Dry Soda Co. They make seven different flavored sodas, similar to sparkling water, that pair well with meals or can be mixed in other beverages. The girl at the front counter gave us a tasting of all of them. My favorite was vanilla and Malisa's was blood orange. We were only there for a few minutes.

After our tasting, we walked to the Columbia Center. I heard there was a great view, and a Starbucks, on the 40th floor. The view of the freeway, other tall buildings and the water was amazing.  

We took the elevator back to ground level and walked a few blocks to Seattle Public Library. We were also there for only a few minutes. One thing we can point out is the stalls in the bathrooms were only about half as tall as normal. Probably because of the high transient/homeless population, but not very pleasant for the rest of us.

We continued on our way and made a short stop in a paper/notebook store called Paper-Hammer. We're both nerds and like stationery and office supplies. They had a lot of cool stuff, but we didn't buy anything. 

From the paper store, we walked toward the waterfront. We wanted to visit a cool hotel I was told about, called Edgewater, perhaps for future trips to Seattle. We got to the hotel and one of the employees gave us a tour of a couple rooms so we could see what they look like. The decor was in, what I call, a "tahoe" theme with bears, antlers, etc. It was a nice hotel, but we see that type of decor often living so close to Tahoe and the mountains. Of note: the hotel was void of a wooden "gone cycling" bear to welcome guests.

We walked out of the hotel and saw a group of people outside, the bus-stop! We waited about 30 seconds, one pulled up and we got on. There is a ride-free zone, so we didn't have to pay this time. We only rode it for about a minute and it dropped us out on the street we wanted.

From the waterfront, we walked back upstairs to the street level. We decided to make it a short night since we had other things to do, like laundry. We've been gone so long that normal life is creeping in on our vacation! We stopped into a few shops along the way and grabbed a sandwich in a cafe by our condo.

We only have one more day before we fly home. A full day is planned for tomorrow which should be a lot of fun. We have had a great time here, but we're looking forward to being home. We have been much more adventurous here than in Sacramento, since we haven't had access to a car. We like all of the walking we have done (to compensate for all of the food we have eaten) and all of the things we see since we're not driving by at 30+ MPH. Hopefully we will continue to choose walking instead of driving everywhere when we get home.

More tomorrow, goodnight!

Miles walked today: 7