Pacific Northwest: Day 7

Today we accomplished yesterday's goal and made it to the Museum of Flight. We got up and started walking toward our bus-stop in downtown Seattle. On the way we stopped at Speciality's Cafe and Bakery for coffee and some breakfast. Malisa ordered the southwestern breakfast sandwich and I got the one with bacon. They tasted a lot like the artisan breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks. My question is, who stole the idea? From the coffee shop, we walked a couple blocks toward the bus and saw the Zipcar corporate office, doh! We could have gotten a Zipcard there since we were too late ordering it at home. We decided it wasn't worth it for only a few days of use and continued on our way.

We waited at the bus-stop for 10 minutes or so and got on the (correct) bus. After about 30 minutes we arrived at the Museum of Flight. We crossed the street in the "Sky Walk," their elevated crosswalk (with flight-themed music playing), and walked into the museum. 

(view from the Sky Walk)

With our Go Cards it took 5 minutes at the admissions counter and we got our wristbands to enter the museum. We started by watching videos on Air Force One and the Navy Blue Angels which were very interesting. From the theater, we walked around the lobby and noticed they had a tour starting in 3 minutes, Malisa's favorite!

We walked around with a Docent (volunteer tour guide and flight history expert) for about 40 minutes. He told us stories about the history of airplane and rockets, William Boeing, WWI and WWII aviation, and space travel. It was very interesting. They even have the original building, "the Red Barn," that Boeing created airplanes in. The history in this building was amazing. They're even petitioning NASA to get a Space Shuttle after they're retired later this year!  

After walking around the museum, we walked back across the Sky Walk to the air field where they had a few famous planes for us to see. One was the first jet-powered Air Force One used first by President Eisenhower. The other was the Concorde supersonic yet. Also in the field was the very first Boeing 747 ever made and the last propellor-driven plane ever made. The museum was a ton of fun and we were glad we were able to spend all afternoon there. Malisa even said she would have paid full price for admission, which you know is saying ALOT! 

After our afternoon at the museum, we boarded the next bus and headed back north toward downtown. We stopped at 5th and Seneca and started toward Pike Place Market. While on the road, we noticed the Seattle Art Museum. Knowing it was included with our Go Card, we entered. We walked to the ticket counter and they said, "you do know we close in 20 minutes, right?" No, we did not know that. We got our tickets anyway and walked through 3 floors of artifacts and statues in under 20 minutes! One cool thing we saw there was this dress made of dog tags.  

Continuing on our way toward Pike, we wanted to actually visit the "original" Starbucks seeing as how it was one of the reasons we wanted to visit Seattle. We had walked by on our coffee crawl, but hadn't yet gone inside. Let me tell you, it was all that we'd dreamed! The Barista explained the old espresso machine they use and how they have to adjust the bean grinder based on body heat. If the shop is full the shots don't pull as well, crazy! This location houses the last hand-tamped espresso machine for all the Starbucks in the United States. 

Being the tourists we are, we needed multiple pictures of ourselves in the shop and even bought an official Starbucks Pike Place Market mug to accompany the others we have from Austin, Sac, San Diego, LA, and our new ones from Portland and Seattle. 

From the mecca, we continued to walk down Pike Place to Cutters Bayhouse (across the street from Seatown) for dinner. We arrived just in time for Happy Hour so we ordered a burger, teriyaki tenderloin, calamari and a rootbeer for me. The food was good, but not as good as we've become accustomed to here in Seattle. 

As is the case every evening, Malisa was ready for dessert after dinner. She noticed a cupcake shop the other night when we walked to Trader Joe's, so there we went. Cupcake Royale was a few blocks past our condo. We ordered 2 tiny cupcakes and one normal sized one. I need not comment on their taste other than they were goooood! Today we spent a lot of time at the museum since we enjoyed it so much. We are running out of pre-planned events, but we keep noticing other things we want to do. I hope we can do it before we leave! Only two more full days before our flight home on Saturday.

Miles walked today: 3 (not counting inside the museum)