Pacific Northwest: Day 5

As we walked toward our first activity of the day, we stopped into Victrola Coffee which is only a few blocks from our condo. This cafe has a few locations in the Seattle area and the roasting is done at this location. The coffee was not like Starbucks, so Malisa wasn't the biggest fan. It tasted very similarly to Bloom Coffee in Roseville. We were only there a few minutes and continued on our way. A few blocks away, we found a "M" on the side of a building, which we assumed stands for Malisa, so she needed a photo with it. 

One item on our "Pacific Northwest to-do list" was visiting the REI Flagship store and we accomplished that today! The store is VERY cool and is huge!. There was a 2-story fireplace, rock climbing wall, mountain bike test track and indoor hiking trail to test shoes. I made the rounds to the bag section and the jackets, as I do in every REI. I have been eyeing a certain jacket for a while but I couldn't decide on green or blue, so I didn't buy it. We didn't stay long, but we did get some great tips on restaurants and activities from the REI employees. They gave us the name of a pizza restaurant a few blocks away, so we headed out. 

On our way down the street, Malisa noticed a store one of the employees at Mountain Hardwear mentioned yesterday called Feathered Friends. They sell outdoor clothing and custom down jackets, sleeping bags, pillows, etc. We saw quite a few items we'd like to purchase but most of the jackets were $400+! We exercised self-control and walked out having spent only $10 on a Nalgene bottle. 

Down the street a few blocks was the pizza restaurant, Tutta Bella. They serve gourmet, thin-crust pizza. We ordered the special with Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, mozzarella, and Grana Padano (whatever that is). Malisa also ordered the Minestrone soup. The pizza was made in a huge, brick, wood-burning oven. The chef spun the pizza (using some special metal pole with a large spatula on the end) while in the oven and it only cooked for 90 seconds. The food was good, but the servers weren't very attentive even though the restaurant wasn't busy. 

Before we left on vacation, we bought the Seattle "Go Card" for five days. Our first use of the card was this afternoon. From lunch, we headed to the Space Needle. We walked up to the ticket booth, handed them our cards, they gave us tickets and within minutes we were on the elevator. It took only 41 seconds to climb 520 feet to the observation deck! There is a circular seating area and cafe at the top with an outdoor ledge to walk around. It was VERY windy and cold out on the deck. We took some pictures and walked all the way around just to say we did it. We also stopped at the little cafe for some refreshments and were only up there for a half hour or so.  

From the Space Needle we used our Go Card again and went to Experience Music Project. Being a lover of music and history, I had high hopes for this activity. It did not live up to those, unfortunately. There was a Jimi Hendrix display and an old guitar gallery which were cool. There also was a Sound Lab which allowed kids (and me) to play some instruments and mess around. None of the guitars were tuned so it felt like most of the time was spent tuning! Upstairs in EMP was the Science Fiction Museum and Battlestar Gallactica exhibit which we were not interested in. There was a small Star Trek exhibit (Captain Kirk's chair, shirt and Spock's shirt), a statue of Donatello from the Ninja Turtles and a R2D2. Other than that it was a pretty quick walk-through. 

From EMP we took the monorail to Westlake Center to revisit Dilettante Mocha Cafe. Malisa ordered a Hot Chocolate and I got a chocolate mousse. These items were way too good and were gone in seconds. 

Needing to work off our newly consumed treats, we took a brisk walk down Pike to find something for dinner in the market. It was freezing and very windy outside. I was happy about it, Malisa was not (see photo above). By this time it was getting dark and most things on the market were closed except for a few restaurants. The one that caught our eye was called Seatown Seabar and Rotisserie. The hostess, server and chef were all extremely friendly. We sat at the bar and began talking to the chef who was nearby shucking oysters. We asked him if he was from Oakland since he was wearing an A's hat. He told us his wife's name is Amy and she bought him a bunch of sports hats with an "A" on it. We got a kick out of that. We arrived just in time to order from the Happy Hour menu. We got 12 chicken wings and 3 small sandwiches which were great! They also suckered us into ordering dessert, which obviously wasn't very hard. Soon arrived a Seatown Cream Cake with vanilla custard, mocha ganoche and hazelnut crunch. We also learned the owner of this restaurant, Tom Douglas, was the winner of an Iron Chef and owns 5 other restaurants in downtown Seattle. 

Full of delicious food, we zipped up our coats and started on the trek back to our condo. Again, we took a detour into a few shops, including Borders Books.

We enjoyed not walking as much today as we have in past days. We also realized this is the most consecutive time we've spent together probably since our honeymoon and we're not sick of each other yet!

Day 6 is quickly approaching and we have another full day planned. Goodnight!

Miles walked today: 5 (13,653 steps on the pedometer)