Pacific Northwest: Day 4

We had a VERY busy day today and it was great. We started the day by walking toward the Seattle's Best Coffee in Pike Market for a 10 AM Seattle By Foot coffee crawl. We arrived 5 minutes early for a sample of Seattle's Best coffee. We walked outside under the neon coffee mug for an introduction of what was in store for us on the tour. Also, we learned if we ever got lost in the city to look at the man-hole covers, they are maps of the city! 

We walked down Pike Place toward the Original Starbucks which... isn't the original location, it's the 4th! The original building was a lease and the owner decided to tear it down so sbux moved down the street. 

(where the original Starbucks once stood)

(where it is now)

From Seattle's Best and Starbucks we went to Caffe D'Arte, Monorail Espresso, Dillettante Coffee in Westlake Center, Trabant Coffee and Chai, and Zeitgeist Coffee. Some of these locations were quite a distance from each other. Between Dillettante and Trabant we hopped on an underground bus and rode 2 stops from Westlake Center to Pioneer Square. Just before the last stop we walked into a Japanese Garden! It was put there in 2007 to mark the 100th anniversary of UPS. It was there, we were there, so we had to get a photo! 

After the last stop, we searched for lunch. Most things are closed Sundays, so we ate at a franchise deli called Jimmy John's. It was decent.

After lunch, we again went underground to catch the bus back to Westlake Center and as if I hadn't had enough coffee, I got another cup from "the triangle" Starbucks. This map of the city was drawn in chalk and posted at Starbucks. 

Coffee in hand, we went to the Mountain Hardwear on Pine Street to look at jackets, etc. The employees at this store were VERY helpful. They told us what to see while we're in town and gave us a map of the area. 

With our new map, we headed through Pike Market to the waterfront. We realized, since we have walked so much during our vacation, we get hungry every couple hours. We heard great things about a restaurant called the Crab Pot on Pier 57 from the Mountain Hardwear employees AND it was on Man v. Food so it was a done deal. We ordered Clam Chowder and Smoked Cod Fish and Chips. It was just as good as they told us. We did the walk-up ordering instead of being served, so it was much cheaper and we got our food immediately. 

After our second lunch we went to the North Face store. It was basically the same as the one in Portland but I wanted to see if there was anything on sale or clearance. There wasn't. Walked out empty handed yet again... I think coupons have ruined my wife for paying full price even though I want a new jacket! I know she's right though.  

Our plan for the afternoon was to visit the Seattle Aquarium. My coupon-toting wife did a great job planning this trip and got us a Groupon for the aquarium. We walked right in and were off to tour the aquarium. It was pretty similar to Monterey Bay Aquarium and we were surprised that many of the signs and informational posters were from Monterey Bay. Go California! Our favorite part was seeing the Puffins and a Rhinoceros Auklet (which we'd never heard of). Every time I heard/read "puffin" I was reminded of the line from Elf. "Buddy, want to pick some snow berries?" "Not now Arctic Puffin!" 

We spent an hour or two at the aquarium then headed through the market to a pastry place Malisa had been mentioning all day. The shop was called Le Panier, it was a "very french bakery." We ordered some items to go: a chocolate croissant, almond croissant and a meringue with cocoa powder on top. Let me tell you, they were goooood! From Le Panier, we walked through the fish market.

Being as tired as we were we decided to head back to our condo. The thing we didn't realize is our walk is through a retail district and we both like to shop. We only made it a few blocks and went in to a 3-story Nordstrom Rack to find me a belt. It is no fun walking all day in pants that don't fit. 

From Nordstrom Rack we went into the Columbia Sportswear store. We didn't find anything of note except this backpack that I thought was rad and Malisa thought was too expensive. 

We decided to take the Mountain Hardwear employee's advice again and went to an asian restaurant called Wild Ginger. This restaurant was very nice inside and the food was fantastic. We have gotten in the habit of asking the server their recommendation from the menu and it has not let us down yet. We ordered the Seven Flavor Beef, Mandarin Chicken and Sichuan Green Beans. It was not too heavy, but was filling. We even ordered some green tea after dinner just to complete our Asian experience. We may even go on a Segway tour, but we'd probably block traffic for hours (inside joke).

(the picture does not do it justice)

After our wonderful meal, we started our mile-long walk, uphill, back to the condo. As we were walking, by we noticed a small knitting and sewing shop, called Stitches, which was very close to where we're staying. Malisa got some yarn and circular needles and is knitting a scarf as I write this. We realized, yet again, that we are not night people. We have been inside by 8 PM each night.

We have had a long day, but it was all things we chose to do and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat. We look forward to our day tomorrow and might visit the Space Needle (and the REI Flagship store).

Miles walked today: 12 (yes, we subtracted the miles riding on the buses)