Pacific Northwest: Day 3

So, we left Portland this morning. We checked out of Everett Street Studio at 10:30 went down the old elevator and started walking the 15 blocks (in the rain) toward Union Station for Amtrak Cascades. Halfway to Union Station was some relief, a Starbucks! We stopped for a few minutes to get coffee and a bagel and continued on our way.  

We got to Union Station a little wet, but otherwise in good spirits. We had them print our tickets and checked our baggage. Our bags were free to check and all the lines were really short. After getting our seating assignments we sat for a few minutes and were called to board the train.

We were the first row, facing backward, in the front of the train. Malisa got up a few times to get food from the bistro at the very end of the train. We made 5-6 stops lasting 2 minutes each. Surprising how fast the stops are compared to flying. The ride lasted about 3 hours and was quite comfortable. There wasn't WiFi on the train but AT&T cell signal was very good and only cut out twice for a few minutes in tunnels. Mostly we listened to our iPods and had a relaxing ride up the coast.

We arrived at King Station in Seattle and within minutes got our bags. A line of taxis were outside ready to take passengers to their destinations. There were old Crown Victorias, new Chevy Impalas and a couple Prius'. I even saw one Zipcar outside and it was a Subaru. I was only slightly jealous. Our taxi was a beat up Crown Vic and driver was pretty friendly, we started talking about Arnold as our Governator, Moonbeam's reelection and Maria Shriver's disregard for California's driving/parking laws.

(Picture from Google)

We got to our building and called the live-in property manager for the keys. Our room is on the 3rd floor. No elevator here so we carried our 4 suitcases up 2 flights of stairs. One thing we learned today was to pack lighter, especially if our main mode of transportation is walking. We knew it would be rainy up here but we did not anticipate having to walk 10+ blocks pulling our suitcases in the rain.

Once we got settled and unpacked we headed downstairs to the street level shops. Rosebud Restaurant & Bar was 2 doors down from our apartment entrance, we were hungry, and it looked good so it was the obvious choice. I got a steak sandwich (very good!) and Malisa, the connoisseur that she is, got the mac and cheese.

After dinner we started walking, 9 blocks uphill, to Trader Joe's for some groceries. Let us say THANK YOU to Brittany for our gift card. We got oatmeal, bagels, fruit, coffee creamer, dessert, etc. just enough to last us a couple days and still had money left on the card. There is a QFC Market, which we've never heard of, across the street but we like TJ's better!

Now we are back at the apartment and seriously considering some molten lava cake from Rosebud. With all our walking we can eat whatever we want, right?

It seems once we figured out where things were in Portland we had to leave, but we will be back! We're looking forward to being in Seattle now. We have a Coffee Crawl in the morning and a list of other activities we want to do.


Miles walked today: 3