Pacific Northwest: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2.

This morning we got up around 10 AM and were STARVING. Usually when we're home we are up for work by 5 and are on our second cup of coffee and have eaten breakfast by 10.

We wanted to see more of the city so we purposefully didn't rent a car here in Portland. We were going to do Zipcar but we didn't sign up on time to get our Zipcard, bummer... So we started walking the 22 blocks to Stepping Stone Cafe in Nob Hill.

We saw this place on Man V. Food and it looked great on TV, we were right! We walked in and got a table immediately which we hear is uncommon for Stepping Stone. I got biscuits and gravy, eggs over medium and 4 slices of bacon. Malisa got a Gingerbread pancake and a side of scrambled eggs. We both also got some much needed coffee. The food was very good and well priced.

From breakfast we walked back south down 23rd street in NW Portland. We were headed toward the Portland Japanese Garden since Malisa bought a Groupon for it months ago. On the way we stopped for some more coffee at a small coffee kiosk called Sunny Day Coffee. It was a small, one-person shop but every inch of it was put to good use and he even had an oven to bake his own pastries! I got the Holy Kakow Mocha and it was delish. Coffee in hand, we continued on our trek toward the gardens. This walk was a much farther than we thought and it was all uphill, not a great walk after eating so much good food. After a 40+ minute walk we arrived.

From the gardens we were exhausted wanted to come back to the studio to rest. Little did we know we went the wrong way out of Washington Park and ended up making a gigantic circle around downtown Portland. We passed the TriMet station we walked from yesterday and finally got to the studio. About an hour later we had to start walking in the other direction for Malisa's massage appointment that we made yesterday. It was about 10 blocks east. During her massage I read Jon Acuff's Book "Gazelles, Baby Steps and 37 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt." Quick read and entertaining. After her massage we walked back to the studio and decided to head back to Nob Hill for dinner. We didn't have a place in mind but we passed so many restaurants and shops earlier in the day so finding somewhere wasn't a problem. We settled on Nob Hill Bar and Grill. I got fish and chips and Malisa got BBQ Pork Ribs. I have never been jealous of her food choice until tonight, it was great!

After dinner we went to Moonstruck Chocolatier for dessert. They had some amazing looking and tasting desserts. We both got some chocolate and decaf coffee and we were set. From dessert we walked back to the studio. We walked a lot today and we are exhausted. Tomorrow we set out for Amtrak on our way to Seattle. Goodnight, Portland!

Miles walked today: a little over 10