Pacific Northwest: Day 1

Hello Friends, As you (should) know, we are on vacation until next weekend. We arrived to Portland, OR yesterday around noon. We rode the TriMet train from the airport to our rented studio, it took about an hour. On the train apparently some lady passed out and before we knew what was going on Portland Fire was there. The response time was QUICK, good job fellas. 

When we reached our stop we walked about a half mile (in the rain) to the 330 sqft studio. It's perfect for us for a couple days. We set our bags down and headed out for food! Having never been to Portland we didn't know where we were going. Thank you Yelp for giving us options. We walked a few blocks to a restaurant called 50 Plates. It was a lot nicer than we thought, quite, how you say... swanky. Lucky it was still lunch time so we ate off the lunch menu, pricey but worth it. I got the "50 burger" with bacon and a sweet onion relish, very good. Malisa got the 50/50, tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Earlier in the day on the TriMet I saw a billboard for the North Face store a few blocks away so after lunch we headed there. This part of town is called the Pearl District. Very nice, reminded us of SF. We walked by Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, Whole Foods Market and multiple cafes, pubs, and art galleries.

After The North Face store we went to Powell's City of Books. This place is amazing! A full city block, 68,000 sq ft and 4 stories of books! We got lost a few times even though they color-code the rooms by topic. Malisa bought a few books for her book club and we got a bit of coffee from the cafe in the corner of the store.

From there we went to the next iconic Portland destination and thanks to Adam from Man V. Food and Anthony Bordain from No Reservations we went to VooDoo Doughnut in Downtown Portland. The storefront was very small and only held 8-10 people standing. I got the Bacon Maple Bar and Malisa got the Old Dirty Bastard. Very good doughnuts! Next we went to a thrift store, I didn't feel like shopping so we quickly left. We stopped at Whole Foods to get a few groceries and some stuff for dinner and headed back to the studio. We ate dinner here and had a relaxing night watching tv.

Day 2 coming soon...

Miles walked today: 2.5