My first 5K: Post-run Ponderings

I survived the 17th Annual Run to Feed the Hungry on one of the coldest recorded days in Sacramento!!!!

Before the Run

I did the run in 35:31 minutes/seconds. Prior to the run, I had an internal goal of completing in 45 minutes or less. I am very excited about my time. It averages out to about 11:30 minute miles. Quite nice for the first time.

My data

The morning of the race I got up early and drank lots of water and ate a banana. I also took a hot Epsom salt bath. My nerves were really frazzled as I waited for my family to arrive at our house and the 9am start time.

I had purchased the timed-run race option and fixed a magnetic, orange colored D-loop around my show laces, however my time did not show up on the race results website. Next race, I’ll have someone help me with that.

I lined up behind the 12+ min/mile sign and anxiously waited to begin. I plugged in my headphones and some upbeat tunes. 9:00 the race started and it was really crowded for a few blocks. I used the RunKeeper (free version) App and began my time. I ran down the middle of J street and passed our street! I ran and tried to find people that were running a little faster (like a pace car :-)) than I was running. The course went down J street until we turned left down one of the streets called the Fab 40’s. Then we turned right on Folsom Boulevard and turned right on another Fab 40’s street. For about 5 blocks I stopped running and walked briskly to catch my breath. Uh oh, I thought to myself, my right shoe is loose! I stopped by the motorcycle policemen and tied it. I started running again. We ran and turned right on H street. I had run down this street before and felt tired knowing we had a lot longer to go. Then I passed a sign for the 2 mile mark. Yes, I thought. I’m doing this! The stretch of road along H street was intense, once more I walked for a few blocks and then started jogging again. Soon the 10K runners met up with the 5K runners and we ran the rest of the way together. As the street numbers got larger and closer to the finish line, I began getting excited and inwardly cheered to myself, keep going, almost there!

I made it to the finish line and was super winded, but ecstatic to be done.

After the Run

Today, two days after the race, my legs are a little sore, but ready for the next 5K on December 19th. Yeah!