My first 5K: Pre-run Ponderings

This Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I will attempt my first ever run. My husband and I happen to live right by the course and yesterday I practiced the run. It took me 54 minutes (including walking from our house to the start & back home). I was able to jog about 25 minutes and walked the rest. I’m hoping to be able to run a little farther the day of the race. I’ve heard that the crowd can help you run beyond what you’ve trained for…I really hope it’s true! My MIL (mother-in-law) kindly let me borrow a ton of her running clothes and I think that will help. She also gave me some great tips on taking Epsom salt baths before and after the run.

As of today, I am also considering doing another 5K on Dec 19th and Jan 2nd. I’ll post any change in plans after the run!

Oh yeah, the reason this is my first 5K, I’ve always been heavy, read: fat! Thanks to my amazingly supportive husband, encouraging friends/family, and Weight Watchers, I’ve lost 36 pounds and on Saturday, I will celebrate 2 years of keeping it off.

How about you, have you ever run?