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SactoMoFo 5

On Saturday, the Inks made the 1.5 hour trek to Sacramento for the first time. By sheer coincidence SactoMoFo 5 was being held that very day. Knowing our friends share the same love (nearing obsession on our part) for food trucks, we used that as an excuse to get outside and see some of our city. A few weeks ago we had gone to the Off the Grid food truck meetup in Alameda with the Inky-B's, getting food trucks with them has been great. 

If it needs explaination, Sacto MoFo stands for Sacramento Mobile Food. The first mobile food event was held on April 2011 in Fremont Park and drew over 4,000 people. This time MoFo was held under the W/X freeway and being that it was 100+ degrees out, it actually provided us with some much needed shade. 

We made our rounds scoping out what trucks were there. A few of them we saw at the Off the Grid, Fort Mason event the night before. These guys are everywhere!

Malisa was so excited to introduce Jodi to Bridgette and the Gypsy truck. Malisa has been enjoying Gypsy so much, so to share it with a friend made it even better. 

Josh and Jodi bought hot dogs for themselves and their boys from Dave's Dawgs while Malisa and I got a few spicy pork tacos from Seoul on Wheels and Sexy Fries from Curry Up Now. Food-in-hand, we walked across the street to Southside Park so the boys could play. Like I said, it was 100+ degrees out, so keeping the boys hydrated was incredibly important. They were so sweaty, but they just couldn't stop playing. Those boys LOVE parks!

After a while at the park, we went back across the street for dessert! I got a cinnamon/sugar waffle from the Volkswaffle and the Malisa got a popsicle from Fat Face

Great day with Josh, Jodi and the boys. Malisa has a theory that whenever someone from out of town visits it's always 100+ degrees out, we're glad they still came though!

Here are a few photos from the day.