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What Goes Around Comes Around by Terry Ray Flowers

This art was made by our friend Terry. It is a daily reminder to be cautious of the words we speak. 

Last week, I was again reminded of the weight our words carry. My feelings were hurt by words someone said about me. Sure it hurt for about a day, but I'm over it. What struck me more is what have I said about others? Maybe it was in a moment of frustration or jealousy or feeling unappreciated but that doesn't matter. I try to watch what I say and think before I speak, but that doesn't always happen. I can't think of any specific things I've said but that doesn't mean I haven't, that's what's scary. Perhaps what I've said was fleeting but has the ability to cause lasting harm. My heart hurts for the possibility of my words hurting someone, especially one of my closest friends.

Please, friends, be careful what you say. 

James 3:1-12