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Lessons I'm Still Learning...

Yup, I stole this idea from PC, thanks dude. 

  • You won't be an expert at everything
  • Reaching financial goals takes a long time
  • Apply sunblock, you will burn (this one blatantly stolen from PC)
  • What you think is valuable to a conversation too
  • Call friends/family more often just to talk
  • The garbage needs to be taken out every week
  • Don't worry so much about how you look, nobody else cares as much as you do
  • Checking the fridge 20 times doesn't mean something will magically appear - You need to take time to eat, even when you're busy
  • Human contact is necessary
  • It's ok to say what you're thinking at the moment when it needs to be said
  • They didn't mean what they just said, you don't need to be defensive
  • Malisa needs to hear "I Love You" more than you think to say it, say it more often